Light Bee speed attracts the world record holder

If you think that Sur ron Light Bee is only the king of mountain road,then you are wrong.

In Utah, the United States, there is a 52000 square kilometer salt beach, Bonneville Salt beach. To my surprise, it’s the only place in the world for the top speed car race. The flat ground in this area is composed entirely of fine-grained crystals of salt. In the 1930s, a group of young Americans who had nothing to do began to test their motorcycles and how fast they could run on this big and flat salt flat. Today, Bonneville has become the first choice for racing drivers to prove that they are “the fastest in the world”.

It looks sci-fi, futuristic and ancient. It’s no surprise that a mammoth suddenly comes out. Before that, this place was like this.

Fun people from all over the world come to see each other in their own “super sports car”. The tense nerves in the whole space suddenly become relaxed, lovely, rich and happy.

Looking down, don’t think too much. I’m not really fooling you to travel. I’m telling you that this speed battlefield, which used to be dominated by foreigners, has officially added Chinese elements, Surron’s Light Bee.

They said, “Of all the fast-running electric vehicles made in China, there is only ‘you’ here.”

The light bee that appeared in the salt lake this time was refitted by an American ashes player. It is said that the speed of the violent bee easily exceeds 160km / h. There is really no place to dare to try, so he went to the salt lake. It’s no surprise that many excellent drivers pay attention to it as soon as it appears.

The former 1000cc world record holder said he had never ridden an E-bike that accelerated so fast!


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