Keep Your Demeanor While Riding A Light Bee In The Mud

Before we developed this kind of fender, we were troubled by the problem of splash water for a long time, and there was no suitable product on the market, so we decided to develop a fender suitable for the fork. Let you ride a Surron Light Bee, accelerate in the mud, and maintain your demeanor.

In order to ensure the effect of blocking muddy water, we racked our brains in terms of the area and appearance of the fender, hoping to achieve a balance between the two. Finally, we chose the material of the PP board. PP board is light enough, elastic, foldable, and so on, which is the best choice for the front fork fender.

After continuous testing and improvement, it is the first to shape the fender by means of arc indentation. The two sides of the fender are tensioned by ties, so that the fender forms a perfect arc, and supports angle adjustment, so that the fender fits the tire in the best way. The mud blocking effect is perfect.

When the vehicle is driving, the front wheel rotates at a high speed, and the muddy water will be thrown forward from behind, and then blown in the opposite direction by the wind resistance, so that the muddy water will be thrown to the head and body of the rider. This new front fork fender can perfectly solve this kind of problem.

The biggest difference between the front fork fender of Light Bee and other mudguards is the area, angle and radian of the fender. Therefore, we found two other popular mudguards for comparative test.

Fender A:

It can’t resist muddy water and the effect is poor.

Fender B:

It can resist part of muddy water with medium effect.

Surron Light Bee front fork fender:

It can resist most of muddy water and has the best effect.

It can be seen that the Surron Light Bee DNM fork fender can provide all-round protection, which is unmatched by other similar products. The mudguard can also prevent mud and sand from penetrating into the front fork, providing protection for the equipment, delaying the maintenance cycle, and ensuring the performance of the front fork.

If your Light Bee is equipped with DNM fork, then you must have this Surron DNM Fork Front Fender.



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