As a Surron Light Bee X owner, what do I think of this Bike?

I’m a light bee owner. I started with the light bee ordinary version and the new light bee x version. Although some people once said that the accuracy of electric vehicles is not as good as bicycles, they did encounter similar small problems. But in general, the emergence of light bees fills the gap between bicycles, especially mountain downhill types and cross-country motorcycles. And the continuous improvement of the enterprise also makes this car closer to perfection.

In terms of usage, I summarize the following feelings:

1. Its off-road performance is not inferior to that of ordinary off-road motorcycles. Without the complexity of motorcycles and the restrictions on riding, motorcycles are particularly noisy when they are fueled in some places. They are regarded as noise. In some big cities, they are continuously strictly controlled and implemented licensing policies, while the control on electric bicycles will be relaxed, In the city, there will be less restrictions on riding and more freedom than motorcycles. But after all, the real world of riding is in the wild, and quite a few riders have the ability to use cross-country vehicles with light bees to wander in the wild world under the stars.

2. Light bee design is more concerned with the use of non paved road, rather than as a road vehicle. Of course, if you put on the right teeth and tires, adjust the suspension, it should be good to run on the city road. Fast charging ensures the convenience of commuting, and covers more road conditions than ordinary electric vehicles, including pedestrian overpass, which attracts a lot of envious and curious eyes at the same time.

3. Although the light bee car weighs 100 kg, it can’t do so many bicycle stunts like the downhill car, but fortunately, as long as it has power, it can go downhill and uphill at the same time, which is beyond the reach of downhill bike;

4. As for endurance, it’s quite outstanding among peers.

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process. A bicycle, a backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Experience challenges in the constant difficulties, and experience success at the end of the journey. I will continue to pay attention to the development of this high-performance electric motorcycle while riding the light bee in the mountains.


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